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Why Women Should Take the Lead in Dating

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Dear Girls,

Those on Woo and those yet to come on to Woo. We have some important news to share. Turns out it’s not the way women thought it would be anymore when it comes to finding and dating the right person.

Men are shy, even scared of asking you out on a date. These are the sweet, reticent, gentleman that you might be missing out on even before getting a chance to know them.

It seems none of this has anything to do with gender. It never did in the first place, and the stereotypes are crumbling away now more than ever.

We’re featuring this article from Women’s Web on why taking the lead is the best way forward for you. Here’s an extract:

Everyone is talking women’s rights, equal pay, greater freedom and I guess you are too. So, shouldn’t that begin right here, with you? Today women take a call on so much in their lives independent of their family and friends – education, which bike or car, career moves and even if they want to get married or have a child. Then why not take the lead on a crucial baby step, i.e. a date? It seems unfair to ask for equality only in easy situations.

Making the first move is like putting your heart out there and hoping it doesn’t get trampled. We love to dump that on a man, and if he doesn’t make that move, you dismiss him, say he isn’t interested, and then bundle away your heart, safely. At this point, you can make the counter argument, but the guy should ask if he likes me… Modern men, the kind I suspect you want to hang out with, might not always see it like that.

I spoke to a self-assured 27 year old who felt that when women don’t make that first move he assumes they aren’t sufficiently interested. Another guy felt that it shouldn’t be him asking all the time, and it would be nice if a woman did too. Demanding equality? Ah, and we are back to empowerment. Take the risk! So what if you miss?

This article tells you why you should take the lead when it comes to dating – the first step to a relationship.  

Happy Wooing!

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