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Why being single is cool for your love life

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Every Valentine’s day, you sneer at the mush that goes around and scoff at the half-baked western culture that’s seeping in. At parties, you are surrounded by couples. But you like walking in solo wearing a proud stride.

You feel fine on the whole, but everything and everyone around you seems to indicate that somehow your life is incomplete. Something’s missing and even if nothing is, you begin to feel that way sometimes. We all fall in line with what we see around. And what we see is people in pairs. Bollywood and Hollywood have made sure the notion that happiness IS being in a relationship, has wound its way in and crowded out reality.

So what is reality? And why on earth is a dating app talking like this? You’ll find out soon.

We’re not jaded. We just feel that life is a pizza with many slices. Your love life is one slice. For some, it could have more cheese, for others, it may have more jalapenos. Some people’s pizzas may even be complete without this slice. Before you fall in line (there’s a reason it’s called falling) and ‘settle down’, you should know what your kind of pizza is. What if you add a slice with pineapple on it and just don’t like it? Or it doesn’t go with the rest of your pizza!

Here’s why being single is actually a good thing.

  1. You’ll never say ‘I need my space’

When you’re with your self, there’s a freedom that you will cherish in the years to come. It may be interspersed with patches of boredom or loneliness but what you want to do with it is in your hands. Explore, travel, learn new things, live your life. It’s the best way to know yourself.

  1. You are the master of your finances

And almost everything else – how to do up your home, whether to get a dog or not, where to live or holiday.

  1. You have nothing to do with the saas bahu game or conversation

You connect with family for togetherness not compulsion. There is no-one to please or manage and this means ample time to figure out where your boundaries are. How much family time are you ok with, what you’re ok doing, what you’re not ok doing.

  1. You have more time for friends

You can hang out with different people, make friends and keep them because you have more time. This is another way of seeing different perspectives and knowing yourself.

  1. Things are less complicated

Since you don’t have to take decisions that consider another person, there’s no need to find middle ground. You have less adjustments to make. Have your fill!

You have oodles of time to know yourself and unravel what you want. Then when you find a friend who gets you and whom you understand, you have a friendship that words can’t define. If you feel that finding middle ground with this person is worth it then you’ve found a slice of pizza that you should add to your life.

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