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The Good and Bad of Online Dating

woo dating appOnline dating apps and sites are aplenty today and the newness can be enticing. In fact, the possibility of meeting so many people with such ease can be overwhelming too. But before curiosity gets the better of us, it’s a good idea to give a thought to the pros and cons.

What makes us give it a thumbs-up:

  • Better than leaving it to luck – Finding a partner you are compatible with, is an important milestone in life. Why leave it to chance encounters? With the busy urban life, what’s the likelihood of bumping into the right one if at all you find the time? Online dating allows you to look for people who share your interests and background. You interact with a subset which offers better chances of reaching compatibility. This is much better than firing a shot in the dark.

woo app

  • Lets you be yourself – It’s a blessing for people who may be shy and daunted by the thought of making the effort at a party or in a crowd! It’s certainly easier to be yourself when you are away from prying eyes. And there’s none of that associated pressure when you’ve been introduced by mutual friends or family.
  • It’s actually more romantic – Getting to know your potential partner and conversing, sharing thoughts through chat is actually more romantic than jumping into blind dates. It’s much better to meet each other once you know what you are getting into!

woo datingWhy we think you should be wary:

  • Spoilt for choice – For some people, the plethora of choice can be so overwhelming that they never settle and keep looking for more, which in a way defeats the whole purpose.
  • What about weirdos! – While online dating sites and apps can verify identity and authenticity, it’s hard to know or judge intent. So the risk of running into a cad is as real as in the offline world and it’s important to be aware of this.

So what should you do? Well, like any other new tool that puts power in your hands, this one has to be used appropriately. Knowing yourself and what kind of person you will click with really helps. Once you do that, you won’t need to jump from profile to profile.

Each profile is more than the picture – it is a person! You’ll do better to assess your likes based on common interests and views and the quality of conversation you s. And don’t shy away from taking things offline when the time is right.

Also, don’t forget to actively report people who display signs of wrong intent or make you uncomfortable.

Once you do this, you’re all set to find your match!




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