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Love in the time of The Beatles

When it comes to writing the perfect love song, few can trump The Beatles. There’s most certainly a Beatles love song for every occasion – be it a romantic candle-lit dinner or a completely smashed out party. What really sets the band apart is their straightforward lyrics coupled with a deceptively simple hook.

So unleash your inner Paul McCartney and woo your loved one with a classic love song, courtesy the Fab Four. Here are some that’ll work.


Frank Sinatra called it the best love song ever written. Enough said. Can’t argue with that now, can we?

Here, the adorably shy and lanky George Harrison sings with utmost honesty about love, trust, hope and doubt. While his wife, Pattie, claimed the song was about her, Harrison denied it, saying the song was inspired by Lord Krishna, given how much he was into the whole Krishna Consciousness thing back then. Well, quite a bummer, that. In any case, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it is an incredibly romantic song.


All My Loving

Apparently, Paul McCartney wrote this song while he was shaving. Or travelling in a bus. Definitely not a great story, but the track helped launch the English band’s career in USA. In fact, the band opened their famous Ed Sullivan Show debut in 1964 with this catchy love song that had all the women in the audience swooning. We can see why.


Don’t Let Me Down

John Lennon’s tribute to his wife, Yoko Ono, is more of an anguished plea, oozing passion. Made popular by their series of rooftop concerts in the late 60s, in the song, Lennon practically begs Yoko not to let him down because theirs ‘is a love that lasts forever, it’s a love that had no past’. Sigh. Also, the world needs more hot men singing love songs from rooftops. Watch and learn!


And I Love Her

Another beautiful love song from the Lennon-McCartney camp, ‘And I Love Her’ is a classic example of what simple and honest song-writing can achieve. Meant to be a ballad, the track written predominantly by McCartney, does sound corny with lines such as ‘Bright are the stars….dark is the sky’. But we’ll forgive him because the song makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.


When I’m sixty four

This super-cute song about growing old together is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Funnily, McCartney was only 16 when he wrote this song and the story goes that he may have written it around the time his dad turned 64. In the song, he asks his lover if she will still send him Valentine greetings and a bottle of wine, ‘When I’m sixty four’. Aww. Too much sweetness.


So, what’s your favourite love song by The Beatles?


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