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When it comes to proposing to your loved one, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every relationship is different, and every couple has their own unique story that makes their love special. You definitely want to make it memorable and extra-ordinary for the both of you.  Woo dating app have ideas for you to win your lover’s heart. because we know it’s important to take the time to plan a proposal that will reflect your relationship and make your partner feel appreciated. Here are 10 creative ways to propose your partner that won’t break the bank.

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This is definitely the best kind of proposal. If you are hell bent on making this day an unforgettable memory for your partner and want to put in as much effort as it requires, then plan a flash mob. Communicate with his/her friends, family and loved ones and decide on a song and a location. Choreograph the dance, practice it well and give it your best on the D-day. Make sure you ask your photographer friends to capture all of it in a video so that you can freeze the memory and watch it over and over again.


The good old candle-light dinner proposal can never go wrong. If you want to do it in the classic way and if your partner loves candle light dinners, this is the best way to go about. Choose a romantic restaurant and take him/her out on a dinner date. The dim lights of the candles’ flames and the romantic tunes will set the ideal mood for a romantic proposal. Ask for a bottle of champagne or some wine and when the time is right, play your card.


If you are a fun couple who loves everything atypical, this would be an exciting way to propose. You can take your partner for a stroll in a beach during the sunset or sunrise. After a romantic walk, when the sky is orange, you can blindfold your lover and write “Will you marry me?” on the sand in big block letters. Once the fold has been taken off, try to capture the bewildered expression on your partner’s face. There’s surely going to be plenty of sand in your toes and love in the air. this is the perfect way to propose  your partner, that will make your partner say yes!


Firsts are always special. First date, first kiss, first hug always occupy a significant corner of your heart. Hence there’s nothing better than taking your partner out to the place you had met for the first time. The place holds countless memories and you can recreate similar situations from the first time you were there. And when you think the moment’s right, go down on one knee and take that ring out.


Video proposals can be cheesy yet lovely. Prepare a heartfelt message and shoot a video of you declaring your love for your partner. Spell out everything that you feel and how special he/she makes you feel. You can add snippets of your mutual friends talking about how they love the both of you together in a frame. And in the end of the video, ask your love the most important question. You can then post it on YouTube and casually ask her to check the link. Well, the rest is history.


This is the classic box-inside-box-inside-box proposal. Send a huge gift-wrapped box to your lover’s place. Put another box inside the first one, and another inside the second one. Include as many boxes as you like and inside the final one put a ring, with a note saying, “Will you marry me?”


Get a t-shirt and hand paint the quintessential “Will you marry me” on the tee. It’s okay if you aren’t an artist, your partner is going to love the color splashes and your genuine effort you have put into it. Wear a jacket over it, take your lover to a nearby park or a place you usually meet up and when the time is right, get down on your knees and reveal your special tee to him/her.


If you’re bold and want the world to know how much you love your partner, pull off a radio proposal. If you know she listens to the radio at a certain time every day, call your local FM radio station and plan it out with them.  You can dedicate your beloved his/her favorite song and following this, ask the radio jockey to call your partner up and once he does, propose him/her from the other side when the whole world is listening to you. Your ecstatic lover is definitely going to say ‘yes’.


If your lover and you, love grand gestures, this is the perfect proposal for you. Make a big banner with those golden words printed in bold and hold it strong while standing in front of his/her house. Make a quick call and ask your partner to come down and as soon as he/she does, go on one knee and shout out the words with the big smile on your face. The gesture will definitely bring a bigger smile on your lover’s face.


Take your beloved out to his/her favorite café on a usual day. Ask the chef to write ‘Will you marry me?’ with cream on top of your partner’s favorite latte. When the time is right, signal the waiter to get the masterpiece to the table. The words are already glowing in front of him/her so get down on one knee and take out the ring and watch your lover go, ‘Oh My God.’ You might even request the manager to play his/her favorite song at that special moment.

Well, here’s to a beautiful start to Happily Ever After.




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