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6 hilarious stereotypes about love in rom-coms

Don’t we all love our dose of rom-coms! They’re a fun watch and lift you up instantly. Some movies are fondly remembered long after. And others are remembered for all the wrong reasons… these hilarious rom-com stereotypes have stood the test of time and deserve special mention.

1) The Sound of Music

In this movie, Captain Von Trapp is in some serious luck. Maria is a nun who comes to be the governess to his seven children. She is young, beautiful, loves the children and as if that’s not enough, goes on to fall in love with the Captain! Yes, you can have it all.

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2) Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Don’t take this movie about Holly Golightly lightly. She is a fashionable, stylish and a high-flying airhead who speaks bad French and she’ll do anything for money… even marry someone she doesn’t love. Paul, however, will rescue her from everything and put sense into her head. Luckily, she’ll fall in love with him.

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3) Along Came Polly

Salsa dancing Polly who likes exotic cuisine is ‘risky’. It’s another matter that Reuben’s wife slept with someone else during their honeymoon trip. He still has trouble choosing between them when his wife comes back (duh!). Finally, Reuben accepts the ‘risk’ – of salsa dancing and trying new cuisines with Polly…


4) You’ve Got Mail

This movie has it all together. Kathleen and Joe have only written to each other under pseudonyms and they fall in love. In their emails, they don’t know each other’s true identity. But Joe’s empire Fox books has toppled Kathleen’s neighbourhood book store. Yet, when they meet and reveal their identities, she says she always wished it was Joe! Masochistic what?

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What people have to do for an American visa! Margaret forcibly decides to marry Andrew. If you thought this would be a compromise, you’re wrong. She falls in love with him, his family and his family home. Back to point one – you can have it all!

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6) The Ugly Truth

Look at the poster! Need we say more? Abby is an uptight shrew and Mike is the kind who says ‘you’re trying to win a man’s heart. Aim lower!’ and women still love him. Eventually, Abby discovers Mike sensitive side and they fall in love.


A lot has changed but not the stereotypes heaped on men and women and our love for rom-coms.





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