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Top 5 Conversation Tips To Break The Ice

You see a great profile on Woo that you like. After twiddling your thumbs for a couple of days, you begin to resign yourself to the idea that it’s too good to be true when you get a match. Voilà! You’re elated. Who doesn’t like this part?

But the chats never go beyond ‘Hi’, ‘how are you’; you exchange information perfunctorily and poof! The next day you start again at ‘Hi’… Does this happen with you?

Good conversation is the cornerstone of any relationship which is why these 5 things about starting a conversation are worth a thought.

1. Whether you’re a man or a woman there’s enough and more you can do to get a real and healthy conversation going. Don’t leave it up to the other person always.

2. Your approach to conversation can be uniquely ‘you’ and can set you apart from the rest. It’s not about competition or pressure but about adding depth to who you are – you are more than your picture!


3. It takes a genuine interest in getting to know the other person to start an effective conversation. Ask yourself – what vibes do you get from this person you like? Friendly, fun loving, stylish, well read? Each point is a great conversation starter. Take an interest in their interest.

4. Don’t be afraid to express your personality. If you’re the official joke maker at office or the food aficionado of your group, that’s your cue. Don’t hide yourself!

5. Share a funny or important incident that happened in the day. What a way to make your exchange feel more personal! Much better than Good morning and Goodnight.


Once you’ve built enough comfort, go ahead and make plans to meet and do things together. You’ll know which one is to be taken offline.

Happy Wooing!

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