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Love marriage Vs arranged marriage – which one works?

woo dating appThe norm of arranging marriages is something India has in common with few other cultures. It has been put more and more to question lately and rightly so. When it comes to a life decision that is so personal, isn’t it important to take an informed decision and know the person you will spend the rest of your life with!

Yet, this argument is often blunted by the fact that divorce rates in arranged marriages tend to be far lower than what’s seen in case of love marriages. This, coupled with the fact that the family plays an important role in marriages in India, makes arranged marriage seem like a winner.

But that’s probably what we see on the surface. In truth, cultures that fix or arrange marriages are also likely to resist and prevent divorce. The jury’s out on whether these marriages are indeed happy. Just because divorce has been avoided can we say the marriage is ‘working’?

woo appBorn out of these two worlds of extremes is a happy intersection that we see more and more of. The love marriage approved by families.

Here, love is not blind. The marriage rests on a solid foundation of shared interests, beliefs and values that make way for understanding and love – more than enough ammunition to deal with any crises life may throw.

If there were a formula, this may certainly go into the magic potion!

But we would like to know what your take is on love Vs arranged marriage and which one is better.



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