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Diwali Dholdrums – festivities, family and fun

The time of year when festivities (and pollution) are in the air. The weather is fine, she’s wondering what clothes to wear and what gifts to buy; the upcoming get-togethers have left her in high spirits. She’s upbeat about everything – even the mind numbing traffic, the jostling crowd and longer work hours are ok.

Why, she’s visiting home this Diwali!

That’s Manisha’s state of mind every year around Diwali time. In fact, her expectations soar like a bunch of happy balloons. Some pop, some are burst and some fly high. With practice, over the years she knows exactly what to expect but the balloons still swell.

Here are a few things she heard this year that she hears every year.

  1. Bua– If you become so career oriented, how will we find a guy for you?
    Bua careers don’t have husband repelling properties. Guys are not scared of careers. In fact, usually they have one themselves.
  1. Mom – Manisha, what have you thought about your future?
    I want to take a course in graphic designing. I’m going to write a graphic novel.
    Mom – huh? That doesn’t even answer my question. What about marriage?
  1. Bhai – You still don’t have a boyfriend? Sigh. Hope you’re ready for another onslaught.
    Cheers to that.
  1. Dad – Beta, it’s ok to be like a girl sometimes and you do have to adjust.
    But I like myself the way I am, she says to herself.
  1. Asha – Just chill yaar! I get this all the time. Things have a way of falling in place at the right time.
    But I am not thinking about it all the time! There’s much more to my than marriage yaar!

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Despite everything, Manisha looked forward to being home every year for Diwali. She knew her family cared about her. She just wished that this time she could tell them about someone she loved talking to, with whom she could just be herself. And she missed him…


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