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Here’s a relationship shortcut we haven’t tried enough.

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You go to work for a massive chunk of the day. Then there is workout, your friends, your family and if you are lucky enough, you’ll find time for what you really love doing – whether it’s playing music or dancing or anything else – over the weekend. And then, don’t you need some time to just sit by yourself in silence? That would be a win what with all these things fighting for a piece of you.

Now enter Mr. Right or Ms. Right. Except, you have no idea if they are right because you need to get to know them of course. This requires time and space. Before you go ‘you must be kidding me. Where is the time?’ we have to say there is just no shortcut to this one.

The plot thickens because even if you do make time to hangout, it may well be that Ms. Right or Mr. Right just are not right. Ugh!

Yes, spending time can’t be half baked. It has to go beyond just hanging out. Getting to know each other involves a lot. Understanding each other’s values, lifestyles, personality and building your own way of ironing out differences.

Did we just make it sound like your entire life is going to be thrown out of gear? It sure is. But we had a different ‘gear’ in mind.

Travel! An oft overlooked magic mantra that works like a dream for relationships. There is so much you can get to know about each other when you travel together and really, if there was ever an effective short cut then this is it. Wondering why? Three short, crisp reasons:

  1. There are just less demands of you

Face it, you have so much more to give when that phone isn’t ringing constantly and you’re not overwhelmed by chores. Sans any pressure or external irritant, there’s not just more of you, there’s more of the good you! So cheers to heart to hearts and conversations to remember.

  1. You’ll be fixing problems together

That too in a fun way. When you’re travelling, finding a dhaba when you’re famished, reading the map, fixing a flat tyre together is all fun. And what do you think you’re doing? You’re solving problems and functioning as a team. You don’t even have to allot any roles, it’ll all fall into place.

  1. You’re really yourself

It’s actually so important to get on each other’s nerves. When you’re travelling together, you are with each other 24/7 and you just can’t be proper all the time. Whether it’s your late rising, leaving a wet towel on the bed or messy suitcase, it’s all out there and when you both learn to get over it and enjoy the sunset, you’ve truly got the right perspective.

Have you travelled lately with your partner? Tell us what was great about it.

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