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10 Ways You Can Find Someone Special In India

1. The Arranged Marriage: You could jump straight into it the traditional way.

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“Too gaudy. Reject… Too cheesy. Reject… LOL this is going nowhere.”

But it takes more than just a few meetings to know someone well, let alone marry them.

2. At Pubs and Clubs: You could give it a shot the non-traditional way.

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“I’m thinking of a cheesy pickup line while I creepily wink at you”

If only there were a way to block people in real life.

3. At the park: If you like fitness freaks.

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I don’t know about fitness but there sure are freaks here. OMG HE’s CATCHING UP!”

Then again, it’s a good way to train.

4. On Facebook: In your Others message folder.

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“Hai, I was went thru ur profyl, vry beautyful and nice like sunrise sun. Plis accept fraand requast.”

There should be an entertainment tax on these.

5. At the market: Where the crowds are always classy.

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Aah, so this is where all the gentlemen are.”

There is something very, very wrong with these people.

6. At the office: To strike a work-love balance.

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Umm… this is kind of awkward. But you are sitting on my spreadsheet.”

Warning: This can and will end up like that Airtel ad.

7. At the gym: If you like the muscular hunks.



No, but this is the first time I’ve seen a machine working out.

8. At a dance class: If you are looking for the one with Hrithik Roshan’s moves.

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“I’m sexy and I know it!”

This is not exactly like the Bang Bang trailer.

9. In public transports: If you want to leave it to fate.

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I am going to die in here.”

Fate doesn’t always play cupid, and neither do seating algorithms.

10. On Woo!

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