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10 WAYS TO GET OVER A BREAK-UP | Woo Dating app

It’s never easy to get over a break up, but WOO Dating App has compiled 10 ways to make it easier. From spending time with friends to focusing on yourself, take the journey of healing with WOO App’s helpful tips. Find your love again

Break-ups are painful and pathetic. It gets you broken and leaves your emotions all over the place. On top of the agony of the break-up itself, you worry about the future that is how long it will take to get over the pain. But know this, once you’re completely over your break up and have moved on, you’ll emerge as a much stronger person. So, while it’s okay to cry and howl and be disappointed, we have 10 ways to get over your ex and to leave your sorrow behind.

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Being friends with your ex right after the break up is not a very good idea especially if the break-up has been one-sided. It will only bring back memories and things will get really awkward in the process. It’s best if the both of you keep out of touch for a while till you’re sure you have moved on completely and ready to have a healthy friendship going on again. Always remember, you’re not admitting defeat by not staying friends with your ex. It’s for your own well-being.


Believe it or not, the fresh air outside really helps. Shutting yourself at home and crying day in and out won’t really help you to get over the break-up. You will build ideas in your head and keep thinking about the past, making it worse for you. Go out to a café or the beach or go shopping. It’s okay if you are alone. Let the sunshine fall on you as you eat your favorite dessert and do people-watching.


Do new things. An idle brain is a devil’s workshop. If you lie down in your bed all day thinking about your ex, you are going to get even more miserable at the end of it. You are single now and you’ve got all the time in the world. Open that bucket list you had made long ago and finally start ticking them. Learn a new skill, paint a picture, write a story or if nothing, do a movie or binge-watch a television show.


It’s okay to ask your friends for help. Sometimes when nothing helps, ask your friends to come over and cheer you up. Talking to friends or spending time doing nothing, just with them around will definitely make you feel better. If you want to get drunk and high, call your friends over. At least be sad with people you love. We’ve all been heartbroken — it’s not like they’ll judge you for drinking wine with dirty hair in loose pajamas.


The first thing you need to do is to accept the reality. Shed those tears if you want to. You’re not weak, you’re only a human. It’s okay to cry after a breakup. Holding them back and repressing your feelings won’t do any good because one day you’ll finally break down at a public place or in an awkward situation and it’s going to much worse. Don’t run away from your emotions.


We often resort ourselves to mindless things after our breakup. The memories are fresh and it’s difficult to suddenly live alone but that doesn’t mean you act desperate and ask your ex to get back with you. Remember, the both of you have broken up for a reason and no matter how much you miss your ex and recall the good times, those reasons still remain intact. Try to find yourself instead. Give yourself some time, pamper yourself and take care of yourself. You are strong and independent. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


This has never done any good and never will. You assume you are a rational and mature person who can handle seeing the occasional reminder of your ex on your Facebook timeline but wait until you see an update and then resort to crying all over again. Block your ex from all social media networking sites if you can’t stop yourself from stalking him/her. Going on checking the last seen on Whatsapp or looking for new pictures or status updates will only make you a paranoid.


The movies you watched and the songs you listened to have painted tinted pictures in your head and made you believe in terms such as “The one” or “The Soul mate”. In fact according to the psychology of love, there are hundreds of potential partners out there that you could fall in love with and the reason you aren’t meeting any of them is because you’re limiting your beliefs and stuck in the past.


Regardless of what happened to end your relationship, don’t hold a grudge. Everyone makes mistakes, and when emotions are high, people will get hurt. Don’t hate your ex forever and goo around demeaning him/her to everyone. Don’t let your ex have that kind of power over you anymore. Let those negative feelings go and embrace the possibilities of future love and happiness instead.


Your relationship may have ended, but you’re not a failure because of that. Everyone has stories of failed relationships and that only makes us a stronger person. Just remember that you’re a wonderful person. One relationship might not have worked out, but there are many other people out there just waiting to meet you. Keep your self-esteem high.

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