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Nice is fuzzy. Nice is diffused. Nice is flavourless; and as with any other thing that is so wide and loose, one can easily get lost in being nice. If one added anything else to nice, it would be overpowered.

So where is this going right?

Sometime back, we posed a question to some of our users – what makes women inherently powerful? Many qualities came up – motherhood, tolerance, ability to love, enterprise and more. But we also heard the other side of the story – that women could be competing, controlling and manipulative towards each other. The more one thought about it, the more convoluted the answers that came… until it hit home!

Why should it be surprising? Power itself is a double edged sword that can go both ways. So are the traits that make women powerful. Could it perhaps be that the greatest strength of a woman lay in her ability to feel and express varied emotions – some nice, some not so nice?

It’s up to an individual to what use a trait is put, but real power comes from seeing and accepting the many colors of oneself in the mirror; the many traits that are neither good nor bad but simply are. In so doing, we are no longer just ‘nice’. We are what words cannot describe or a color cannot show or a shape cannot embody.

Realizing this, is important because women have been brought up to be nice at all costs. But do ask yourself to try this now and then – don’t always be ‘nice’; don’t define yourself so broadly; don’t limit yourself. When you do this, you will see many choices unfolding and you will see that you get your power back.

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