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Everything You Need To Know About Budget 2014 In GIFs

Expenditure on Defence has been increased by 12%, after seeing what bad defense can do to a nation.

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“Damn! I did Nazi that coming!”

Income tax exemption has been increased from Rs 2,00,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 lacs p.a., which means the entire Indian hockey team does not have to pay any taxes.


Bhai, no FORM 16 tension this year!”

Excise duty on footwear has been reduced from 12% to 6%, which means you can now buy more arsenal to attack your favourite politician with.


“Hush up or I will go Hush Puppies on you!”

Excise duty on cigarettes has been increased from 11% to 72%, which means lesser cigarettes for smokers and, worse, a longer life to bear the pain.

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“BJP aayi, Mujhe pyaar ho gaya,

Usne bhi mujhse mera sutta cheen liya.”

Excise duty increased by 5% on aerated drinks, which means you will have to take your drinks neat.

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“My drink is like the economy: On the rocks.”

Indirect taxes on apparels have been reduced, which means more layers of clothes for your striptease performances.

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“Look at all these extra clothes I don’t need.”

Housing loans have become cheaper, which means your parents will ask you to move out soon.

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“Get out or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.”



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