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6 Types of Couples You Will See On Holi

Woo Hoo! Holi Hai!!

It’s that time of the year again when inhibitions take a back seat and colourful happiness takes over. Step out, meet people, talk to the ones you’ve been wanting to and don’t leave a single cheek uncoloured! It’s Holi after all, there’s no holds barred.
Woo wishes you a very Happy Holi! Watch out for these 6 types of couples you will encounter!

1. Mr. & Mrs. Clean

shy-couple1It’s hard to find them but once you do, it’s epic fun to colour them and make them wet!

2. Mr. ‘I Don’t Want To Go’ and Ms. ‘Well Too Bad’

Badass-girl (1)

We think the crazy ones are the best ones. What do you guys think?

3. The One With The Overprotective BoyfriendOverprotective_holi

We suggest you stay away from this couple unless you’re feeling adventurous!
4. The Party Hoppers


The happiest couple around, they’ll not let anybody around them stay clean and dry.

5. The First Time Holi-Players


Usually firangs, they go gaga over the gujias, gulaals, pichkaris and don’t shy away from using their DSLRs no matter how risky it is!


6. The To-Be-Couple


 These two are capable enough to make ‘sparks’ fly even on Holi. :)

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