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5 Reasons to Go Shopping with Your Partner This Festive Season.

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It is the festival season in India, a time of joy and mirth. But like the Dementors of Harry Potter suck life out of a person, the dreaded shopping experience that comes along with this sucks the happiness out of the lives of many men. “Dhamaka Offers” and “up to 50% Discount” prices lead up to 100% chance for having a huge fight with your loved ones. But it need not really be that bad, in fact there are 5 really good reasons why you should swallow the bitter pill and go shopping with your partner in this festival season. 

  1. Because smart phones exist – For many men, taking their wife or girlfriend shopping is like working at a job that they completely hate. So why not do what you would do at a job that you hate and play on your cellphone instead of working. We used to live in a sad Whatsapp-less, Facebook-less world with no suitable entertainment in such a situation. But now we can play Angry Birds on our phone while they are getting angry over bridal gowns or something like that. 
  2. As the significant other, you are a reflection of her taste – “Just pick a shirt and let’s go!” Many men fail to understand why their better half makes a fuss over picking clothes for them when they by themselves do not care very much. It is because she believes that if you dress like a slob, it reflects on what sort of guy she has chosen. If you truly do not care for appearances, why not just wear the shirt she picks out. After all, she is the one doing all the work here, not you.
  3. Buying things for your loved one has gained meaning again – Your taking your girlfriend shopping is all about the company rather than spending. Anyway, girls these days are independent and aren’t looking at you to pay the bill. In consequence, the gesture of buying things for your loved one has regained some of its lost value. The best thing feminism has done for men is to restore meaning to these small expressions of love that in recent times have just been taken for granted.
  4. It helps you understand the girl better – I once was helping a friend buy a car and I asked her what kind of car she wanted. Without skipping a beat she said – “A white one.” For a moment I felt like I had peeked into her soul. When a girl is shopping, especially for clothes, she would reveal aspects of her personality that can’t be picked up easily otherwise. Is she financially responsible? How important are appearances to her? Is she decisive or fickle?

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  1. Learning to care about things important to your significant other is the cornerstone of any successful relationship – A lot of guys I know would say, “I don’t know the difference between pink and fuchsia! They all look the same to me.” Yet somehow when they are picking out a color for their cars can distinguish 10 shades of smoke gray with spectrophotometric accuracy. Being incapable and uninterested are not the same thing. You have to learn to take an interest in things she cares about.

If you think shopping is hard, remember you have to learn to love your prospective in-laws.

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