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12 Reasons Why Being In A Relationship With Your Best Friend Is The Best Thing Ever

There’s nothing quite like feeling a spark of attraction between you and someone you just met, think about dating your friend, someone you’ve known longer than just a couple of weeks, and who knows more about you than just your name and phone number. The transition from friend to life partner might feel a little weird at first, but the…

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12 Love Lessons from “FRIENDS”

Sometimes,when you are binge-watching Friends, you go a level beneath the laughs and see the treasure trove of invaluable relationships that it is actually about, with beautiful lessons in love that everyone could stand to learn from. Here are relationship lessons that you can take away from Friends. Warning: Might induce urge for another Friends marathon.   1. Everyone needs love!   Even…

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Make In India

A major new national program, designed to facilitate investment of your heart into love, foster bonds between like-minded singles, enhance your wooing experience, protect you from fraandship-seekers, and build best-in-class manufacturing for serendipity, right here in India! Give love a chance with Woo. There’s never been a better time to MAKE IN INDIA! To find…